9 Things To Do In Bali.

9 Things to Do in Bali

Earlier on in the year I visited Bali for the first time! In Perth going to Bali is almost a rite of passage and it seems like nearly everyone has been at least once, with people visiting multiple times every year. For such a tiny island there are lots of place to visit and things to experience. It doesn't matter if you're an adrenaline junkie or a culture buff there is something for everyone.

In no particular order is is a list of nine things you can do when you visit Bali!


2016 ~ So Far.

Tanah Lot in Bali
March ~ Sightseeing in Bali

Bottlebrush Flowers
May ~ Bushwalking at Jurien Bay

Chia and Brown Rice Pudding
June ~ Brunch at Fez Perth

Red Roses
July ~ Celebrating our anniversary

Satellite View of House
August ~ House progress!

September ~ Bonfire time!


This year is absolutely flying by! It's been a whirlwind of changes with work, house developments, family stuff, plus all those little everyday things that just pop-up. All these things mixing together with a lack of motivation and inspiration has pretty much ended up with me putting a lot of of things in my life on hold (this blog being one of them!). A little bit of soul searching has helped me realize that I'm on the fast track to burning out. I know this term is often thrown around but there is no better way to describe it and now that I'm understanding myself better, I can step back, reassess and move forward.


Waiting..For progress updates on how the house is going! We've just entered lockup, so there is only a couple more months to go.

Exploring...  Perth! I've got some time off from work and instead of going away, I'll be exploring my home city. There's a whole ton of local places that I'll be checking out.

Listening... Suicide Squad: The Album. I loved the movie and I love the album just as much!

Trying... To declutter. With the prospect of moving out coming up closer I've decided it's time to sort through all my stuff. I've got piles of stuff to sell, donate and throw away, and all non-essentials that I want to keep are getting boxed up.

Watching... Luke Cage. With plenty of  plot twists, action scenes, Marvel easter eggs and a kick ass sound track, this series can't go wrong!


101 in 1001 Progress

#01 Go overseas
#15 Go to 20 shows/events {10/20}
#22 Go to a movie by myself {London Has Fallen}
#29 Go to three personal training sessions
#55 Take a yoga or tai chi class
#62 Put a deposit on a house
#70 Bake a pie from scratch
#73 Try 20 new restaurants {15/20}
#82 Create a catalogue for books/DVDs
#93 Read 20 books I have not read before {8/20}